Early Team

James Taylor

James is an interaction designer and developer who specializes in directing immersive experiences. He’s worked for Dreamscape Immersive, Microsoft, The University of Chicago, and more.

Kojo Opuni

Kojo is a cofounder at Found Object VR. He has worked for over a decade in interactive media and designing immersive spaces, with companies like Magic Leap and Kinemagic.

Brady Thomas

Brady Thomas is a 3D generalist with a passion for immersive media and the possibilities it presents. 

Conrad Lee

Conrad Lee has been an avid programmer since middle school, when he first began to study computer science at the college level. A National Merit finalist, Conrad is verbally committed to play soccer and continue his CS education at Yale University.

George Shaw

George Shaw made his mark on the music world collaborating with many of YouTube’s top personalities and creating music for diverse projects including film, TV, video games, trailers and online content. His music can be heard in YouTube videos collectively amassing over 300 million views.


Nonny de la Pena

A pioneer in the field of Immersive Journalism, Nonny has had her impactful VR experiences featured at Sundance, SXSW, Tribecca and other prestgious media events. Her company Emblematic Group consults regularly with Found Object VR.